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Good evening.  Hope you have all had a wonderful day.  We will soon be posting an upcoming project.  For now, we will continue to talk a little about sewing.  When you pick a project that you are interested in doing, whether it be from our blog or somewhere else, the first thing that you need to do is to determine what type of fabric will be required.  There are cottons, knits, polyester, lace, sheers and more.  You will also need to determine if you are going to want to wash it or if it's meant to be an heirloom down the road.  Quilting falls into this category, for example.  After you have determined which route you are going to go with, then it's time to either find a pattern or make your own.  You are now at that point in which you need to determine how much fabric to purchase.  Remember that there are many steps to starting a project but as you near the end of your project, it is always rewarding. 

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