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Good evening.  When it comes to fabric, there is so much that you can do with it from making yourself an outfit, crafts, home décor, window treatments and more.  Yes, some involves sewing but not all.  It just depends on what you are doing.   Let's focus for a moment on home décor.  Making your own pillows to decorate a room is a great example.  Picking out fabric that accents your décor is the first step.  You can choose cotton, twill, upholstery, fleece, minky, taffeta or denim.  These are just a few of the different types of fabrics you can use.  There are different style of pillows you can make too.  We especially like the one that doesn't use a zipper.  If you have leather furniture, zippers are something you want to stay away from.  One of our projects we posted in December was making a pillow without the zipper.  It's very simple and doesn't take a long time.  The other perk is that even a beginner can do it. 

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