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As we near the holidays, sewing may not be what you are thinking about right now.  If you have a young teenager who would like to learn to sew, consider giving them a gift such as a sewing machine or gift certificate for fabric.  You could also give the accessories that go along with sewing such as scissors, pin cushion, pins, measuring tape and so forth.  This is a great gift and will allow them to broaden their knowledge of sewing and get them started.


Sewing is something that they will use from their younger years to forever.  No matter what age a person is, you can sew.  It is great to create things with fabric and you feel like you have accomplished something wonderful.  There are endless ideas of what you can make.  If you just don't know where to start, check out some of our blogging projects that we have posted.  You should be able to find a project that will work for you.


Sewing is fun and can give you an opportunity to join a sewing or quilting club.  You are never too old to sew.

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