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Good afternoon and hope your day is going well.  As the snow is falling here, now is a good time to pull out those sewing projects and get started.  These are the type of days that are great for sewing as you really can't do much else.  It is a great pastime and you also are busy creating something for yourself or a loved one.


If you are a beginner sewer, start out with projects that are not as difficult and work your way up the ladder.  Even a difficult project can be done, it may just take you longer than someone who is advanced in sewing.  Do not become discouraged or let that stop you. 


If you do not know how to sew and want to learn, check out places in your area where they may offer classes or ask a family member or friend to teach you in getting started.  Surely you will enjoy it and feel a great accomplishment when you have finished a project.

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