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Good evening and hope you are have a great evening.  Since we have a holiday this week, we are not going to post a new project until next Wednesday.  For the moment, we will continue to focus on the basic subject of sewing.  If you are an avid sewer, then you are someone who really enjoys it.  If you are just beginning, you will surely catch the bug and continue on to higher expectations for yourself. 


Sewing is a great hobby and there are many things you can make.  It does not just apply to sewing yourself a piece of clothing.  There are many different things you can make such as blankets, scarves, bags, etc.  The list is never ending. 


Don't be afraid to tackle something that is more difficult.  It may take you longer but that does not matter.  Sewing is not about how long it takes, but what your finished product becomes.  You can be creative and make things the way you want.

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