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Good evening.  So sorry for not posting a new project this week.  We will continue talking about sewing yet today.  We know there are many people out there that sew and some who want to learn.  If you are someone who knows how to sew, take the time to share your knowledge with a loved one.  Many would love to learn but no one takes the time to help them.  Make sure you do not exclude the boys.


If you have children, grandchildren or even a neighbor who would like to learn to sew, please take the time to give them lessons.  It does not have to be difficult projects to start out with.  They can certainly tackle more difficult projects as they learn on their own.  They just need someone to show them the basics. 


Remember to pick fabrics that are easy to sew with for those who are beginners.  Its makes their experience much nicer.  When picking a project, find something that sparks their interest as well.  This will make them feel good about themselves when they finish their own project and have something to show for it.

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