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Hope your day was great.  If you love to sew, be sure to check out our projects that we have been posting.  Sewing can be enjoyable and relaxing.  It gives purpose to your day and can even brighten that special someone's day.  It also can lift up someone spirits when they are sick or even feel lonely.  If you love to sew, consider making something for the person who is in the nursing home, hospital or even a neighbor who is alone.   People truly appreciate the thoughtfulness behind receiving a gift that has been made.   It means so much to them and at the same time you have made them feel extra special. 


Sewing can be so much fun and it feels good when you make something whether it is for you or someone else.   Consider trying something that you have never done before.   Tomorrow we will be posting a new project and give you something new to sew.   Until then.

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