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Sorry but we are not going to be posting a new project for a few days.  Until then, we are going to blog about sewing.  We are all very busy but at the same time need something to do that relaxes us and takes us to a different dimension.  Sewing is one of those things.  It is a great way to just make something all the way from bags, quilts, clothing, pillows, blankets, drapes, tablecloths and so much more.  Fabric can be used for backdrops or to decorate different events that go on in the community.  Sewing can cover a wide range of different job potentials such as photography, wedding events planners, or upholstery repair, for example.  Another area is the theater.  There is a constant need each year as communities put on summer theater programs as well as schools.  There is definitely a need for people to sew so if you don't know how, be sure to find a way to learn.  Ask people in your local communities if they know someone who is willing to teach or know of classes being offered somewhere.  Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow.

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