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As we continue to blog about sewing and upholstery, remember that whatever you are working on requires you to find the fabric that works best.  When doing upholstery, there is chenille, jacquard, vinyl, ultra leather, microsuede and tapestry.  It depends on what you are upholstering and what room it is in.  If you are working on kitchen chairs and you have a very active family, you may want to consider a vinyl or ultra leather.  If you are doing dining room chairs, then maybe you would like a chenille, jacquard or tapestry. 


Upholstering is not too difficult but it may take you a while depending on how small or large your piece is.   In some of the upcoming blog projects, we will be doing some upholstering to guide you.   There is not much sewing involved in upholstery unless you are doing, for example, sofa or chair cushions.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the upholstery project coming soon

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