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As we continue talking about sewing and upholstering, we want to express how important it is for you to pass on your knowledge of sewing to the younger generation.  Please take the time to show a loved one how to sew.  It is definitely something that they will use all their life and hopefully will pass their knowledge down to the next.  There is so much that you can do with sewing that we are sure there is a project out there for everyone.  Whether you are young or older, makes no difference.  Sewing begins with just replacing a button to making quilts, draperies, clothing, etc.  


The same goes for upholstering a piece of furniture.  Even if it may look difficult, taking it one step at a time is all you need.  It is not something you need to finish in a day.  Taking something old or worn out and making it look new again can give you self confidence as well as save you money.  Who knows, maybe you have a talent for doing upholstery and never imagined you could ever do something like that.  


As we enter into the new year, we will do our very best to bring you some new exciting projects.  We have enjoyed this past year and hope you have had a lot of fun viewing them and even trying them out.  May you all have a wonderful New Year.   

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