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Sewing has been our topic the last few days and today we are going to talk about upholstery.  Many of you are hesitant to try and do some upholstery.  If you start out with a small project, then you will surely catch on quickly.  It is not that difficult to do and as you do more, it becomes a lot easier.  If you have never done upholstery, go to a garage sale or a flea market and find something that doesn't cost too much.  This way you have not invested a lot of money and it gives you a chance to try.  Doing some upholstery will refresh any piece of furniture and give you the confidence you need.


An upholstery project is a great 4-H project.  Be sure to encourage that youngster who is wanting to try something like this.  It will build up their esteem and they will feel great after accomplishing something like this. 


In-Weave has a huge selection of upholstery.  If you are in the area, do not miss the opportunity to check them out. 

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