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Good evening.  Well we still haven't retrieved our pictures for the project we wanted to show you.  We apologize for this.   Some of us sew a lot and others on occasion.  For some, you are just beginners.  It doesn't matter what level of sewing you do as long as you do it.  As time goes on, those beginner sewers start to perfect and move on to harder projects and for those who are advanced sewers, you too continue to venture into doing more difficult projects.  Sewing brings about great accomplishments and pride in what we have sewn.  


For those who have children, it is great to have them see someone make things for them.  For grandchildren, it is very special because grandma made it for you.  These are the things we treasure greatly and remember with all our heart and pass down to our children.  


Memories are never forgotten for the things that were made for us.  Remember that and you will be inspired to continue sewing and making new things all the time whether you follow a pattern or make up your own.  


If you have not had an opportunity to learn to sew, it is never too late.  Some places teach classes or if you have a special friend who knows how, do not be afraid to ask for some beginner lessons.   Once you have the basics down, the rest will come with time and practice.  If you try something and it doesn't turn out the way you thought, it is not the end of the world.  As the saying goes "practice makes perfect". 

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