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Good evening and hope your day was a great one.  We are continuing to blog about sewing and upholstery.  Let us take a break from sewing and talk about upholstery.  Some upholstery does involve sewing if you are covering cushions on a sofa or chair but not all upholstery jobs require that.  Kitchen chairs, benches, or ottomans are items that normally do not require sewing.  These are great items to start with if you want to try your hand at upholstering an item.  They are not difficult and do not take as much time as a sofa might. 


In the process of learning, it is always better to start with something small to get the hang of it.  Same goes with upholstering or even sewing for that matter.   It gives you the feel of what you can expect.   Do not become discouraged if you don't get it quite right the first time.  As the old saying goes "practice makes perfect". 


If you are looking for upholstery fabrics, be sure to check out In-Weave in Hawarden, Iowa.  They carry a very nice selection of upholstery in chenille, vinyl, ultra leather, jacquard, microsuede and tapestry.

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