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Sleeping Bag Cover

Good evening.  It is time to post a new project.  Today we are making a sleeping bag cover as the ones that come with sleeping bags are quite often a plastic or a fabric that does not hold up.  This is fairly simple and will take about an hour and a half. 


To begin this project you will need the following:   1 yard camouflage fabric

                                                                         3 yards of cording





Next you will take your sleeping bag and measure how much fabric it will take for you to go around the bag.




You will cut away what you do not need.  Next you will pin the sides and form a casing for the cording to go through.




Next you will sew each side and form the casing.




After you have done this, then you will pin and sew the bag.




After you have done this, then take a piece of the scrap you cut away and this will make a handle.  We took a 3" piece and pinned.




Next you will sew along the longest edge.




You will then take this piece and invert it.  After you have done this, then take the ends and tuck 1/4" in and pin.  You will then take your bag and position this handle where you want it.  We put ours right in the middle.  Pin it in place and sew each end.  Remember not to catch the fabric underneath.



Now you are ready to pull the cording through your casing that you made earlier.  We cut a small slit on each side and pulled the cording through.  Make sure to knot each end so that it does not easily go through what you have slit.  We did a double knot on each side.



After you have finished this, then take and sew right along where you slit the fabric on the inside.  This will help it from fraying and getting larger.




After you have done both sides, you can put your sleeping bag inside and tie each end.  Now you are ready to go on your outing.


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