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Table Decoration

Good evening and hope your day was successful.  We have been blogging on table decoration.  We have shown you the sequin square knit and also suggested that the sequin dot knit, organza and sparkle glitter tulle would be great as well.  The nice thing about these fabrics is that it does not require sewing to create a beautiful table décor.  This is something that anyone can do even if you do not know how to sew. 


If you know how to sew, you could go further and use a charmeuse satin or crepe back satin.  They have a really nice sheen and would give your table a nice look.  They are not translucent as the prior fabrics we mentioned.  You could even incorporate the two together, for example, the charmeuse satin and sequin dot knit.  When putting on an event, consider trying one of these fabrics.

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