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Table Runner

Hope you have all had a great weekend.  Hopefully you have been following our discussion about the table runner that we posted last week.  Last week we suggested that you could change the edge of the table runner by bringing it to a point and adding a tassel.  You could also ad a fringe on each edge to compliment your drapery fabric to give it elegance.  You could put a lining on the back of the drapery fabric so you do not have the stitching showing, but you would have to remember to leave a small portion open to invert your runner and then would have to slip stitch a little.  These are just few other ideas to go with.


This is a very simple piece and still it adds elegance to any table.  This would be great for those outdoor patio parties or even graduation parties.  The burlap is available in colors or just use the natural color to give it that outdoor feeling.   At In-Weave, there are many different drapery choices and we are sure you could easily find that right piece to compliment your home.   Remember, it's your table to decorate and make extra special.

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