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Table Runner

Good afternoon and hope you have all had a chance to check out our latest project that was posted on Wednesday.  This is a really great project for a beginner sewer as it is not difficult to do and adds a little fun as well.  By that we mean, pulling the thread on the burlap.  This requires no sewing just a little patience while pulling those threads so you can even it out.  In-Weave carries the burlap in the natural as well as colors.  You can see from our project that we chose the brown as it complimented the drapery we were using.  It was very easy to even out the burlap and put a small fringe on each edge.


As for the drapery, there are many patterns and colors to choose from.  In-Weave carries a multitude of drapery fabric as well.  The hardest part is deciding on one you like.  There are many options you can do with this table runner.  We chose to do something that was a little more decorative to compliment a dining room table.  You could use this table runner on a coffee table as well.  The options are endless.  


Working with the drapery fabric, you want to be sure to put your iron at a lower setting.  If for that beginner sewer, it is to difficult to press, pin and sew, you could do the option of turning it 1/4" and sewing and then turning it again 1/4" for the final sewing.  This would work just as well.


As we go on into the rest of the week, we will give you a few alternatives as to where you could use a table runner like this.  Hope you are enjoying the projects we are presenting and also trying a few of them out.   Have a great day.

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