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Table Runner

Here it is time for us to post a new project for you to try.  Today we are going to be making a table runner using two different fabrics.  We will be using a burlap and drapery fabric to create a beautiful table runner.  Some requires a little sewing but not all of it.  We are sure you will find this to be a fairly easy project and should take about an hour to do. 


You will need the following to begin:    1/2 yard of burlap

                                                        1 /2 yard of drapery fabric





Next you will take your piece of burlap and even out the strands so they go once completely across. 




After you have one thread going completely across, you will then trim off all of the excess right to the edge of the burlap.  Don't worry if you accidentally trim a little too close as you will still be able to even it up.




After you have done this, you will then pull the strings all the way across until you get the amount of fringe that you want.  We chose to do a 1/2" fringe on each side.  You can certainly make the fringe a little bigger if you want to.  You are now finished with the burlap piece.  Burlap is a natural fiber and so it will show uneven texture throughout.  That is what makes it so unique.  




Next you will take the drapery fabric and trim it evenly.  We chose to make it 16" across as you want the burlap with fringe to show.  You will press 1/4" under and then press another 1/4" on the longer edge and then pin it.  




Next sew the edge neatly.




You will then take the shorter edge and do the same.  We did trim some off of the drapery fabric as it was much longer and we wanted the burlap to be a little longer.




You will sew the shorter edge just like you did on the longer edge.




You now have your piece finished.  We then pressed the fabric on low setting.  Put your burlap piece down first and then the drapery piece that you just sewed on the top of the burlap.  You now have a beautiful double table runner that looks like this.







As you can see with just a little sewing you can make something beautiful to adorn your table. 

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