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Good afternoon.  This is our last day that we will be discussing the tablecloth as tomorrow we will be posting a new project.  It is amazing how fast time goes by.  If you have worked on this project, I'm sure you found it to be quite easy.  It is a great project for a beginner sewer as it gives them a feel of how to run a sewing machine and at the same time it is easy for them.  It also builds confidence in doing something on their own.  We all know that when you accomplish something by yourself, it feels great.  The indoor/outdoor fabric is amazingly easy to work with. 


In-Weave carries so many types of fabric that a beginner sewer can surely find something.  They have a huge selection of cottons, upholstery, fleece, minky, drapery, flannel and so much more.  All of these can be used for simple projects for that beginner or even for an advanced sewer.  Our project for tomorrow will show you some of this.  We will be using upholstery and flannel for the next project.  Be on the lookout for tomorrow's posting.  Have a great day. 

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