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We have been talking about the tablecloth that was posted on Wednesday.  If you are working on this project, hope you are enjoying it.  If you use tablecloths quite frequent, then In-Weave is the place to go.  Besides the indoor/outdoor fabric that we used, they carry many other fabrics that work great for tablecloths as well.  Be sure to check them out if you are in Hawarden, Iowa. 


This tablecloth is a very simple version but you can change it in any way you wish.  For a different appeal, you could add a fringe or a ruffle.   This tablecloth can be used indoors for friends or family get-togethers or even your child's graduation party.  If you participate in craft fairs, this would work great for that as well.  These are just a few ideas. 


Have a nice Memorial weekend. 

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