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We are here today to start our new project.   This time we are going to be making a tablecloth out of the indoor/outdoor fabric.  This is a very easy project and even a beginner would enjoy doing this.  This should take approximately about an hour depending on your skill of sewing.


You will need the following:  2 1/2 yards of indoor/outdoor fabric and 1 spool of thread.





In-Weave in Hawarden, Iowa, carries this fabric and has other colors that you can choose from.  It is 54" wide and we kept the width for this tablecloth. 


We trimmed off the selvage edge so that it would not show.  You will then turn 1/4" and sew on the lengthwise side. 




Next you will then turn 1/4" on the width side of the fabric





After doing the first 1/4" on all four sides, you will then turn another 1/4" and do all four sides again so that the edges are clean and do not fray.





Here we now have a finished tablecloth that you can use for many occasions. 




As before, we will talk throughout the week about this project until the next Wednesday when we post a new one.  When you read our blog, make sure you check back to that prior Wednesday for the instructions to do that project.  If we do a project that is more difficult, we will break it up into two or three weeks.  This way you will not get behind and gives us all a chance to enjoy doing it.  We will make sure you know that a project will be extended beyond a week. 


For now, let us focus on the tablecloth.  Thank you for reading our blog.

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