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Ten Minute Table Runner

Good evening everyone.  Since we did not post a project last Thursday, we are posting it today.  We blogged some about it yesterday and we are doing a ten minute table runner.  For those of you who are not fast sewers, it may take a little longer but no big deal.  If you are beginner and trying this out, this is a great project to start with.  It is very simple and there is nothing tricky about it.


For this project you will need the following: 


                                    1/3 yard of a theme print (we chose the silver dupioni)

                                    1/2 yard of a coordinating print (we chose the white dupioni)


                                    2 Buttons




Since the dupioni is 60" in width, we did not want it quite that long and trimmed it down to 36". 




Now you will take and put right sides together and pin.




We chose to sew a 5/8" seam and trimmed it down to 1/2", however, you may sew 1/2" seam in the beginning.  The reason we did this is that the dupioni fabric frays quite a bit and we pinked the seams down to 1/2" to help prevent further fraying.




After you have finished the one side, you will then continue and do the other side.  One piece will have more fabric than the other.  Be careful not to catch it when sewing.  After you have finished this step, you will invert your piece of fabric.  It will look like a long tube.




After you have inverted your fabric, then press so that the back side comes around on each




Now you will take and fold your piece of fabric in half with the theme print on the outside.  In our case, the silver is our theme print and the white is the coordinating print.  At this point, the white will be on the inside with the silver on the outside.  Pin it.




Take this and sew 1/2".  We again chose to pink our seams as the dupioni frays easily.




You are almost finished.  Press the seams open.  Next take and pull the white piece over and you will form what looks like a hood.  Take and push the tip with something safe to create a point.  After you have done both sides, then press again.




Take your button and sew it on each end.




You now have a beautiful table runner to be used for your daily use or for special occasions. 






Have a great evening.

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