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Terry Chenille/Fleece Blanket

Good evening and hope you have had a chance to check out our latest project that was posted yesterday.  We chose to do something a little different and the terry chenille came to mind along with the fleece.  This makes a really nice blanket and you can make this whatever size you want.  We chose to do a 2 1/2 yard blanket but you could do more or less depending on what you want it for. 


This is a very easy blanket to make and takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours to sew depending on your sewing experience.  We chose to do squared corners but you could round your corners if you want a different look.   You could also go with just a plain fleece rather than a pattern.  It is what you are wanting for a blanket.  


No matter what pattern you choose, the fact is that this makes a warm blanket and is great for outdoor events or just to snuggle at home with. 

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