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Tied Fleece Blanket

If you have never made a tied fleece blanket before, you should try it now.  It is really easy and does not take much time.  You can do this in approximately an hour or less depending on the size of your blanket.   Making a 2 1/2 yard blanket is a nice size but you can make it larger or smaller depending on who it is for.  If you have a tall person, then you may want to go with 2 3/4 or even 3 yards.  If you are looking at making a lap blanket, then 1 1/2 yards is a nice size.   The 2 1/2 yards would be similar to the size of a twin bed. 


Be sure to take the time and make yourself a blanket.  These make great gifts for those you are in the hospital or nursing home.  They also make a great birthday or Christmas gift.   Consider doing one this fall or winter and giving it to someone you love or to someone you know is in need of a warm blanket.   Have a great weekend. 

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