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Ultra Cuddle Minky Blanket

Good evening.  Here it is Wednesday already and we are going to post our new project for the week.  Since we are nearing that fall season, we have decided to introduce how to make yourself a minky blanket.  This is what they call ultra cuddle minky and it is plush on both sides.  This project takes about an hour to do.  If you have never sewn with minky before, it may take a little longer.



For the project we chose, you will need the following:    2 yards of Ultra Cuddle Minky





You will take your minky and square it off so that it is even.  Next you will pin the longer side turning 1/2" under and then another 1/2" under. 




After doing each of the longer sides, you will then sew each side.




Next you will pin each of the shorter sides.  




You will then sew each of the shorter sides.




Now your ultra cuddle minky blanket is finished.




This blanket is so very soft and we are sure you will enjoy it. 

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