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Good evening and we are back again.  This will be the last day of blogging on upholstery as tomorrow we will begin our project.  If you are wanting to try your hand at doing some upholstery, go for it.  You will find that it is not that difficult to do.  Our suggestion is to start with something small so you can get the feel of what it entails.  You can start with a small footstool, a kitchen chair or dining room chair.  This will give you the feel of doing an upholstery job before you tackle something larger. 


As for upholstery, there are many different patterns and fabrics to choose from.  As for fabrics, there is chenille, ultra leather, micro suede, jacquard, vinyl and more.  Look at where you are going to be putting your piece and you can then choose what will compliment the rest of your furniture. 


Get your piece ready and tomorrow we will begin an upholstery project.  You don't need to do anything until we begin.  You will have plenty of time to follow along.  We will not be posting this project all in one day as we normally do.  Get yourself ready for some fun.  Have a great evening.

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