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Are you tired of looking at your old upholstered furniture?  Do you need an update?  If you do, consider trying to do your own upholstering.  It is not that hard and even if it takes you longer to do, it does not matter.  Do a little each day until you have finished your project. 


Are you looking for upholstery fabric?  Check out In-Weave in downtown Hawarden, Iowa.  They have a huge selection of upholstery to choose from.  You can choose form an ultra leather, micro suede, jacquard, tweeds, tapestry, chenille and so much more. 


Are you unsure if you can do it?  Don't give up before you even start.  Most projects are not that difficult and it gives you a great feeling knowing that you did it yourself.  Before you throw that old piece of furniture out, consider doing an updated upholstery job on it. 


Have a great evening.

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