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Good evening and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. 


As we stated prior, we are not going to be posting any new projects until the new year is here.  We are going to continue talking about upholstery.  We have shown you a few upholstery projects to inspire you and hopefully you have had a chance to check them out. 


Upholstery is something you want to take your time with and do not hurry.  No matter how long it takes, it is the end result that matters.  Sometimes we do not know what we are going to run into when we start to pull the project you are working on apart.  It can take more time to do this than actually doing the upholstering itself.  Do not let this discourage you.  It is amazing how a piece of furniture can change when you update the upholstery.  It looks completely different and it can make a wonderful change to your décor.

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