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Upholstery and Sewing

As we are now back, it's time to get going on new projects.  We will be posting a new project next week but until then, we are going to be blogging on upholstering and sewing.  Both of these are not difficult to do.  It takes time and patience.  For instance, on our last project, we upholstered an old chair and made it look like new again.


It went from this;


to looking like this!



What a difference it can make when putting a little extra effort into fixing up a piece of old furniture.  It is great to take something and fix it and knowing that we are not filling up our sanitation sites with items that still have use in them. 


If you do not like to refinish a piece of furniture before upholstering, you can paint it as we did.  You can make it looked distressed by sanding lightly on the edges.  Putting new fabric on makes it look fresh and clean.  If you have a desire to try and upholster an item, start with a small item to get you introduced to it.  A small foot stool like we did earlier in one of our blogs is a great way to begin.


This is what we started with;




and this is how it ended up looking.


As you continue to do more, you will find that it is not that difficult.   The bigger the piece, the longer it make take but who cares.  It is the end result what you are going for.  Not all pieces need to be refinished or painted.  The foot stool we left as is.


When looking for upholstery, you do not need to go far.  In-Weave in Hawarden, Iowa, carries a huge selection of upholstery in many patterns and colors.  Upholstery has other uses as well.  Some can be used for drapery, for example.  The options are endless. 


In-Weave carries ultra leather, micro suede, jacquard, tapestry, chenille and more in the upholstery line.  Before throwing out that piece of furniture that you do not like anymore, consider reupholstering it and making it look new again.

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