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Good evening and we are ready to post our first project for 2016.  We are starting out with something quite simple so even a beginner could do this.  We have chosen to do a valence using jacquard upholstery. 


For this project, you will need the following:        3/4 yard jacquard upholstery fabric





A standard valence is approximately 12" in length but we chose to do this one a little longer.  You will straighten your fabric and then turn approximately 1/2" and then another 1/2" to give it a nice finish on the back.  Pin this in place.




Next you will sew along the edge.




Since our window measured 38" from one edge to the other, we added an additional inch for the other seam.  Being this is a jacquard upholstery fabric, you do not need to have it gathered as you would a lighter weight fabric.  Take and trim to size, pin and sew the other edge.





After doing this, you will take the top of your drapery, turn under 1" and then approximately 2 1/2".  Pin in place.




Now sew across to create your pocket for the curtain rod.




Next you will do the same for the hem.  We had approximately a 3" hem.  You will pin and sew just like you did for the rod pocket.




You now have a very striking valence to adorn your window.


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