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Wall Hanging

Good evening everyone.  Hope you have had a chance to check out our latest project that was posted on Wednesday.  We are talking about how to use up that extra upholstery that you have leftover.  On Wednesday we showed you how to put it on to the canvas board.  Now we are going to go one step further and show you how to turn it into a message or picture board.  


To begin with, you will take your upholstered canvas board and add ribbon by going one direction first and staple on the back side.




When you turn it over it should look like this.




Next you will take your ribbon and do the opposite to create a crisscross effect as shown in the next picture.  You will staple this as well on the back side.




After this step, you will finish it off by taking a hot glue gun and glue those areas that crisscross so they stay in place.   We then added a button to finish it off and make it look nice.



Now you have a beautiful message or picture board that can be used everyday.  This is a great gift that you could give a college student or anyone for that matter.   We chose to do a crisscross but you could take your ribbon and go across horizontally and vertically and give your piece a different look.  You will still need to hot glue the areas where they meet so that your pictures or messages will not fall down the board for you.  By hot gluing them in place, this secures those areas and your pictures or messages will stay where you put them.


Enjoy working on this and hope you have a great weekend.

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