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Wall Hanging

Hope you have had a chance to check out the project that was posted on Wednesday. This is a great way to use up that extra upholstery fabric that you have left over and don't know what to do with.   We chose to purchase a canvas board but if you have the tools available, you can certainly make your own and accomplish the same.  You can choose to make whatever size you desire to fit your needs.  This would make a great addition to your wall décor without adding a lot of expense.  All you need is a little ingenuity.  This is a great idea for that young person entering the working world and needing something to add color to their walls for their apartment.


You could also use a cork board to make yourself a great place to post your messages.  This would be great for that young woman or man entering college as it is very easy and also inexpensive.  It does not take up much space and makes it convenient for that college student.   We used a jacquard upholstery as it is easy to work with and durable at the same time.  In-Weave carries many yards of upholstery so there is a lot to choose from when looking for that special color or pattern.


Tomorrow we will be presenting you with another idea of what you can do with this piece that we posted on Wednesday.  Keep an eye out for it. 

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