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Wall Hanging

Good afternoon.   Here is it Wednesday and we are ready to post another project for you.  Last week we showed you an upholstery project and now you are wondering what to do with that leftover piece of upholstery fabric that you did not use or did not need.  Well, we have a solution for you.  We are going show you how to make a wall hanging to compliment the piece that you upholstered.  It is very simple and take less than an hour to do.


You will need the following:   Leftover upholstery fabric

                                           1 canvas board (we chose 11" x 14" piece)

                                           Staple gun




Next you will take your canvas and set it on the fabric and cut the appropriate piece.





After you do this, you will center your piece of upholstery over the canvas and staple it.  Do just a few staples on each side to make sure your pattern is displayed the way you want.




Next do each of the corners and position them until you get the look you want and then staple.




After you have done this you then have a wall hanging ready to be hung. 




This is so simple but also adds a nice decor to your home.  Of course, you can choose what size of canvas you desire to fit on your wall.  As the week goes on, we will give you a few other tips. 


Have a great day.

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