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Wrap Bath Towel

Good evening.  Here is it Wednesday and we are posting a new project.  Today we are going to do a wrap bath towel.  For this project, it will take approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on your sewing experience. 


For this project we used the following:     1 7/8 yards of Terry Cloth - Yellow

                                                            3/4 yard of Terry Cloth - White

                                                            2 yards of Elastic

                                                            1/8 yard of Velcro - White





You will start with taking the white piece of terry cloth and cutting out four strips that are 3" wide.  You will then sew them together into one long strip.




After you have done this, you will pin, with right sides together, the white strip and yellow terry cloth.




Next you will sew a 4/8" seam.




Now you will turn under the white piece of terry cloth approximately 1/2" under and then bring it to the edge of what you just finished sewing to make a nice finished edge around three sides.   




Now zigzag the seam around the three edges (sides and bottom edge).



Now all you have left to do is the top edge.  You will take the white terry cloth and cut two strips of 6" each.  Sew these two strips together as you did earlier. 




Now you will pin this piece with right sides together along the top edge.  Leave a little extra on each side as you will need to turn that in when you have finished.  Now sew approximately 4/8" seam just like before when doing the sides and bottom edge.




Now you will turn under 1/2" and pin so the you can sew the seam like before.  One exception, you will add your elastic while you are pinning this.  Be sure to leave a little of the elastic out on each side as you will secure this next and cut off what you do not need.






After you have done this, you will zigzag along the edge just like before.




Now take your ends and secure them by folding the small seam to the inside with the elastic and secure by sewing the edge closed.  After you have done the one side, then you will pull the elastic on the other side to what size you are needing for your towel to fit around.  Be sure to sew and secure the edge like before. 




Add the one piece of Velcro to the right side of your wrap towel.  Before you sew, be sure you have it so that the two pieces of Velcro will meet and close properly.




Now take the other piece of Velcro and sew it to the wrong side on the other side of your wrap towel. 




You have now completed your wrap towel and are ready to take your shower.  


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