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Finishing of Drapery Panel

Good afternoon.  Hope you all had a great 4th of July.  It's time to finish up on that drapery panel.  Before doing your hem, you will need to decide where you want your panel to end up after it is hung.  Some choose to go right above the sill, others partway down and even others go below.  This will be what your preference is.  I chose to go below as I wanted my panel to be a little longer. 


You will need to measure how long and then add approximately 2 to 3 inches for the hem.  Remember to turn over 1/4" so that you hem has a nice finish.



After you decide and have your measuring finished.  Then it is time to sew.  (Sorry, I am experiencing issues with my picture.)



I now have my panel finished and can do the next one.

Here is my completed project.  As you can see, this was pattern that I had to match up.  This can make it a little more challenging but not impossible.  Take your time and you will be pleased with your finished draperies.



Drapery Panels

Good afternoon.  Now that you have pinned both sides approximately 1/4".  It is time to sew them.



After you do both sides, now you are going to turn over approximately 1/2" and sew again.


After you have done both sides, you will then proceed to the top of the drapery panel.  Again you will fold it over 1/4" and sew.



Next you will turn it over again.  Because I am using the clips, I wanted it just a little wider at the top so I turned it over approximately 3/4".  Then you will sew that again.




Now you will have three sides completed.  Tomorrow we are going to finish up with the hem and then you will have completed one drapery panel.


Drapery Panels

Good afternoon to all.  We are going to get started on those drapery panels.  I chose to use clips for my panels.  This makes for an easy sew and still makes a very nice curtain.  These clips you can find at different stores.   These particular ones came 7 to a package. 



To start your project you need, of course, your fabric and thread.





After I measured my window, I found out that the width of this particular fabric was enough to give me a nice panel as I did not want too much gather. 


To being you are going to turn over 1/4" on each side and sew.



Do this on both sides and we will continue again to the next step.



Time to Sew

We are just about ready to start making some new draperies.  The first thing to determine is if you want full length or just a valence.  You will also need to decide how much gather you want.  Some go 2 1/2 times the width of the window and some do 1 1/2 times.  It is up to your discretion as to how much gather you desire.  Next you will need to determine the type of curtain rod you are going to use.  Next, when picking out your fabric, be sure to look at whether it has a specific repeat in the pattern.  If it does, you will need to allow for extra fabric to match.  Come Monday, we are going to start sewing.  Be ready to give your room a new look!